Lease or Rent - no matter, Threat Detection is our Expertice

CSI Dynamics has immediate availability of equipment
to small and large-scale events.

Forums, congresses, concerts, sporting events, corporate events, festivals, diplomatic summits and other massive events represent great challenges for those responsible for event security. CSI Dynamics has extensive experience in providing comprehensive rental security solutions that protect participants and attendees, without affecting the normal course of the event.

Event security depends on the seamless integration of various security aspects, starting with threat assessment and security planning, and subsequent implementation of optimized control, physical and communications infrastructure, complemented by recruitment and training, to finally take full responsibility for security operations during the event.

The option of renting or leasing x-ray inspection equipment for checkpoints or security filters provides a secure point of entry for the event, and can ensure that threats are detected without affecting the attendee experience.

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Our security solutions include the following services:

  • X-ray Machines Inspection Systems

  • Walk Thrugh Metal Detectors

  • Hand Held Metal Detectors¬†

  • Explosives Trace Detector

  • Hazardous Gas & Vapor Identifier

  • Portal Monitor Radiation Detectors

  • Accesories

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