Detector de Metales 8091P

CSI Dynamics cuenta con un variado y extenso
inventario de equipos de seguridad, el cual incluye
arcos detectores de metales y detector de metales portátil.
arcos detectores de metal, deteccion de metales, maquina rayos x, detector de metales

Detector de Metales: 8091P

The 8091P is a superior ultra-sensitive and rugged portal, ideal for precious metal detection. Designed for high sensitivity correctional and anti-theft applications, this versatile unit excels in controlled security applications. Aluminum sides with powder coated finish shield out moving metal doors or objects on guards. Extraordinary noise reduction, uniform top-to-bottom detection and reliable discrimination of all metals.

  • Auto-calibrating, easy to start and operate
  • Detects razor blades, shards, microprocessor chips and gold rings
  • Highly immune to RFI/EMI interference from monitors or facility systems

Passageway clearance (W x H):

61.0 x 205.7 cm
24.0 x 81.0 in.

Overall dimensions (L x W x H):61.0 x 118.0 x 221.0 cm

24.0 x 44.0 x 82.8 in.

Weight:91 kg200 lbs.